Strategic Risk Education

As McKinsey recently noted, “the best boards challenge their members to continually learn, grow, and develop professionally” (“The CEO Guide to Boards”).

Similarly, the House of Commons’ 2017 Report on Corporate Governance stated that,
we are in no doubt about the vital role that non-executive directors [NEDs] have in company governance…We believe that all directors, and particularly NEDs, should be given the training and professional development they need in order to allow them to fulfill their responsibilities with confidence and full effectiveness.”

Britten Coyne provides both standard and customized strategic risk governance education for boards and management teams, and for individual directors and executives as part of various organizations’ Continuing Professional Education programs.

We provide both half and full day education sessions. The former covers the key root causes of strategic risk governance and management failure and how to avoid them, including
the failure to anticipate threats, to accurately assess them, and/or to adequately adapt. The full-day program includes more time to apply our techniques to the specific strategic risks facing a company.

Our education offerings are solidly grounded in over fifty years of practical experience, as well as research from the intelligence community and multiple academic disciplines. Our offerings also reflect our four year participation on the Good Judgement Project team in the U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Activity’s forecasting tournament, which was subsequently made famous by Professor Philip Tetlock in his book, “

For providers of Continuing Professional Education, we offer both “Level 100” courses that introduce key concepts, and “Level 200” seminars focused on developing skill in their application.

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